mineral water pot

Mineral pot takes advantage of high effective filtration filter medium. Using coconut shell activated carbon, alumina stone, minerralized ball with infrared ray and cat ion resin to remove impurities and harmful substance effectively.

Mineral Water Pot

New UNBREAKABLE Mineral Water Pot with 14 Ltr Capacity is a traditional method of purifying chlorinated or contaminated water to a Natural Mineral Water. It follows 7 Steps to filter normal water to mineral water.

Purification stage- 7 Step Filtration:

  1st step: Ceramic dome filter.
  • 2nd step: Granular activated carbon.
  3rd step: Silica sand.
  4th step: Zeolite.
  5th & 6th step: Mineral stones & mineral sand dish.
  7th step: Magnetic water tap.


  14 liters capacity
  100% Pure Mineral Water
  7 Stage Purification
  Net Weight : 3.5 Kg

Features & Benefits of 16 liters Mineral Filter:

  Micro hole ceramic filter
  Releases inorganic mineral elements needed for human body
  Streamlined & contemporary design
  Granular activated carbon cartridge
  No electricity required
  Removes chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, iron & dust
  Eliminates odour & improves taste
  No plumbing required
  Hassle free maintenance
  Fill water and drink directly